Topher Hunt

Skype: dts_topher
Cell: 802 236 6073


  • Full-stack development experience using Ruby on Rails and Elixir / Phoenix
  • Thorough, transparent planning process to ensure the product meets user needs
  • Focus on client & end-user needs in addition to technical details
  • Loyalty to my projects & clients, and their long-term success
  • Well-organized, highly maintainable code with minimal "cleverness"


  • Working with full web app stacks (e.g. Git, Ruby, Rails, Elixir, Phoenix, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JSON API, GraphQL, AWS / S3 / EC2, ES6, React, AJAX, CSS)
  • Writing expressive, well-factored, un-clever code that's easy to understand, maintain, and grow
  • Building a clean, robust, low-maintenance test suite
  • Planning, maintaining, growing, and optimizing complex relational databases
  • Communicating with colleagues and clients thoroughly, professionally, and proactively
  • The full planning and development process, from gathering stakeholder requirements to feature blueprints, implementation, acceptance testing, and maintenance
  • Staying centered on end-user needs throughout the above process
  • Finding ways to make elegant use of existing tools, rather than rushing to integrate new ones


Partner & developer at HolacracyOne Jan 2017 - present

  • Maintenance, troubleshooting, and feature development on GlassFrog, the Holacracy data management platform
  • Assist in development of an iOS & Android companion app using Expo and React-Native
  • L2 customer request handling; bug report diagnosis & triaging

Freelance developer and consultant Apr 2014 - present

  • Broadened my experience / skill set and consolidated my programming style by working on projects in a variety of domains, including:
    • Capturing user micro-interview recordings via HTML5 and processing them in a qualitative coding system
    • Used custom AMIs and ephemeral EC2 instances to offload CPU-intensive tasks
    • Planned & implemented the UI and data flow for a complex data processing pipeline (for ex. administering developmental assessments, scoring & analysis, generating and delivering reports), including thorough sanity checks & security constraints
    • Generating PDFs with complex styling & layouts
    • Scraping any website and storing newly found content in a database
    • Machine learning ( training, querying, and evaluating accuracy
    • Dynamically generated custom charts using D3.js and AJAX
    • Taking incremental snapshots of a webpage, detecting changes (PhantomJS, ResembleJS)
    • Time tracking, project & client management, and invoicing

Intern / Junior analyst / IT guy /
Senior web developer, 2010 - 2014

  • Developed Excel VB scripts to generate colorful heatmaps etc. from raw rubric data, allowing dramatically faster research & analysis cycles
  • Maintained & troubleshot on-site computer issues, PHP website code, MySQL databases, and server hosting
  • Planned & developed web interfaces & database structures for taking assessments, managing the coding rubrics, processing student performances into result data, displaying reports, project setup & student management, and client billing & invoice management
  • Learned to value modern web development practices by working on a LAMP stack fully unsuited to the complexity of the app being built on it

Technology helpdesk, Middlebury College 2007-2011

  • Receiving and processing requests using our horrid old ticketing system
  • Computer diagnostics, cleaning, and hardware repair
  • New workstation setup and deployment
  • Writing and organizing documentation for use by the entire college; teaching others how to write in the wiki

Volunteer ESL teacher in Nicaragua 2006-2007

  • Lived and worked in a rural Nicaraguan community
  • Taught daily English & computer classes to 40 students from preschool to 6th grade
  • Designed multi-year curricula using research on ESL teaching techniques
  • Hand-hacked ten donated laptops to display interface in Spanish instead of English (this was before Windows supported changing the OS language)
  • Learned some hard lessons about cross-cultural communication, developmental psychology, poverty, and NGO politics